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    Our team of industry leading certified experts can assist with:

        All Network Topologies  
           Copper Fiber Laser Wireless
       System Design and Integration
            LANs           MANs              WANs

Application Development

       Contract and Project Management

       Security Planning and Implementation

       System Administration

       Surveys and Audits

       Hardware Upgrade and Repair
       Disaster Planning and Recovery

           Analog Digital

      Video Surveillance and Conferencing

   We can offer system software design, integration and implementation with the 
    following areas:        *Office Automation                                *Email
                                           *Groupware                                            *Databases
                                           *Access and Security                          *Business to Business
                                           *Remote Access                                   *Web Development

Whatever your needs or cost constraints our  team is up to the challenge. Let our expertise  lead your business or educational facility to the vision of tomorrow with the technologies  of today.

Call and let us to take you to the next level.
Office: (979) 548-7555